1. Coverage

Queen’s First Aid Campus Response Team attends many events both on and off-campus free of charge. If you would like to request our services, click here and fill out the form. Then email it to the Operations Officer at ops@queensfirstaid.com. You can also drop this form off at the QFA office (51 Bader Lane)

Note this form can be filled out electronically by populating all indicated fields. Thank you. We will notify you as soon as possible with regards to your request.

2. First Aid Kit Resupply/Ordering

The purpose of this supplementary service is primarily to restock first aid kits for Queen’s University and the Queen’s Community at cost. We can also provide recommendations for first aid kits/supplies that suit your needs or provincial/federal regulations.

Queen’s First Aid CRT retails first aid supplies at cost to the Queen’s University community (university, clubs, etc…). We are content with the quality and utility of these supplies and we utilize them for our on-call service. Click here to view our external ordering template. Upon completion, email the form to logistics@queensfirstaid.com. We accept cheque payable to Queen’s First Aid and email transfers to treasurer@queensfirstaid.com.

Typically we hold enough supplies in reserve to fulfill orders immediately however in the event of a larger order; it will be filled through our supplier.